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floor stain nightmares
10 Things You Didn`t Know About Floor Sanding
The most popular type of wood floor finish is the varnish. ... Also, removing a floor paint from a wood floor is a nightmare.
ebony stain on oak floors how-to (read this first: i.e. ou… | Flickr
For Ebony floors on old oak wood, you have to do a water-based dye first, then do an oil stain, then the 3 coats of poly. What a nightmare. but the floors...
Wide Plank Soft Pine Nightmare!!! - Hardwood Flooring Forum
Started applying stain (Ipswich Pine) and BAM! Lines from the drum sander jump out. :shock: Not pressure marks ..we were real easy and paid...
Why Use Penetrating Oil to Finish a Hardwood Floor? | City
We have a 6 year old home which we had built for our retirement 5″ oak wood flooring, stained and 3 coats of poly. It has been a nightmare. With our standard...
Top 10 Bamboo Flooring Myths & Facts | CALI
The Truth: This might be true for low-cost bamboo flooring with a poor finish, but floors with several layers of an aluminum oxide finish...
Sanding your own wood floors - Ecohome
There's little worse than slaving over the perfect finish to your wood floor only to be hobbling around very shortly after when you scuff the floor with...
Water Poly floor finish bubble nightmare... - Reddit
About 10 coats in I'm still trying to get rid of bubbles in my poly floor finish. Here's everything I am doing: use a soft synthetic bristle...
The hardwood floor refinishing adventure continues - tip for
the drum sander which cause the wood to soak up the stain differently. But in addition to that, the overall finish just wasn't quite as dark/...
CMC Hardwood Floors: Wood Floors Los Angeles
Traditional hardwood floor sanding and refinishing leaves a big dusty mess. It gets into everything. It's a nightmare to clean up. You don't want toxic dust all...
Flooring Nightmares - Central Hardwood Flooring and Virgil
We later found out that the crew had scratched the floor during the sanding process, but they didn't notice that until it had been stained. When...
Refinishing hardwood floors, part 2 – sanding for days
Here's a shot of our old floors, half sanded, half not. You can see the beautiful natural wood vs the orange stained wood from 25 years of...
We picked a stain for our new floors (I think)!!!! - Chris Loves
I definitely would have still sealed them. Probably with the Bona XD Matte sealer. Keeping truly floor clean is a nightmare! Stephanie says:.
All About Hardwood Flooring + The Common Cleaner That'll
Silicone is your floor's worst nightmare. STAY AWAY! ... Also look into SevenTrust-A-Finish for waxed hardwood flooring. “Oh my, Laurel.
How To Maintain Unfinished Wood Flooring - Wood and Beyond
... wood flooring on your unfinished floor, you could end up with ugly stains that are a nightmare to remove– so avoid this at all costs.
Removing stains from your wooden flooring does not have to
What is a wooden floor's worst nightmare? Stains! Stains can often cause a lot of issues with wooden floors, simply because they might ruin...
Hardwax oil, Pro application - hardwood flooring service
And a nightmare for the inexperienced wood flooring contractor. Make sure you hire an experienced flooring contractor for this type of wood floor finish.
Refinishing - Prospect Hardwood Flooring
The process to refinish a wood floor is sanding down the hardwood down to wood, effectively removing the existing finish and stain.
Terrazzo Floor. Nightmare job? - Truck Mount Forums
He sent me these pictures. The floor has a bit of floor finish of on it and I have read that can be a big pain. I have a 175 and a truckmount.
How To Remove Pet Urine from Hardwood Floors
Pet stains are a nightmare for homeowners across the globe that lift the carpets and find proper hardwood floors. However, the problem becomes apparent when...
Painted Wood Floors Aren't Just Stunning, They're Cost-Effective
When it comes to staying on budget in a renovation, one's mind doesn't exactly leap to paint. Yes, you'll need it to finish the walls,...
This Simple Buff & Coat Becomes an Absolute Nightmare!
with one or two coats of a two-component water-based finish to refresh the floor and provide durability. It all seemed simple.
(read this first: i.e. our floor nightmare) ebony stain - Pinterest
For Ebony floors on old oak wood, you have to do a water-based dye first, then do an oil stain, then the 3 coats of poly. What a nightmare. but the floors...
How to Remove Black Spots on Hardwood Floor - Floor Care
Coming across a stain or black spots on hardwood floor is a homeowner's worst nightmare because stains can be difficult to remove once they set in.
What To Expect When You Get Your Wood Floors Refinished
Thanks to our recent floor refinishing project, we've gotcha covered. ... In fact our wonderful floor guy mixed three batches of stain to...
What Color Should I Stain My Wood Floors?
Having trouble choosing a stain color for your hardwood floors? ... Afraid to be too dark as of nightmare stories of maintenance. what do you suggest.
Novice Varathane Oil-Based Nightmare - and Recovery
Finishing floor with oil-based polyurethane was a disaster. Sanding the oil-based finish once dry and top coating with water-based Varathane...
Help! Refinishing hardwood floors nightmare - Houzz
I had told my floor contractor that I wanted a clear matte finish. When I came to look at floor after 1st coat of poly it had a definite honey color coming...
Staining nightmare...Help, advice please! - Houzz
We bought the same stain that was used on the floors. the floor is oak, and the steps are pine. there were a lot of holes and nicks. I sanded with an electric...
How To Remove Black Stains On Hardwood Floor - Accutech
Tarnishing the floor can be a homeowner's worst nightmare as it is a difficult task to remove stains once they have set.
What to Know About the 4 Most Popular Wood Floor Finishes
Imagine this renovation nightmare: Having chosen to install hardwood ... While it's best to finish all hardwood floors with some kind of...
Polyurethane Nightmare - DoItYourself.com Community Forums
Solid Hardwood, Engineered and Laminate Flooring - Polyurethane Nightmare - I have older hardwood floors that needed a new coat of poly.
Here's Why Carpet Is Your WORST Flooring Nightmare!
Stains. Regardless of the chemical treatments used to protect them from stains, most carpet fibers have naturally absorbent tendencies. When you...
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