how to find floor joists under subfloor

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how to find floor joists under subfloor
Locating Floor Joists Under Carpet : 5 Steps - Instructables
This Instructable will show how to locate the joists under the subfloor without pulling up the carpet and without damaging the carpet.
How can I locate floor joists? - Home Improvement Stack
If this is the first floor of a house, then you can see the subfloor from underneath in the basement. You can guesstimate where the joist is, shoot a screw...
Stud/joist finder that works? - Houzz
My problem is finding the floor joists through the floor before drilling holes. ... of the flooring to see what's going on underneath to locate one joist.
How to find floor joist | DIY Home Improvement Forum
poke around with a few short nails to determine where a joist is. Once you find the center of one, (they are typically 1 1/2") try measuring...
How do I find joists below my floor to screw down - YouTube
Get help with your home improvement projects. Tom can help. Send your questions to Tom: See more...
How to Find Joists for Laying Hardwood Floor - Home Guides
Tap the floor with a hammer and listen for a "thud" sound. Begin at a corner and tap the subfloor. A hollow sound will indicate space, but a "thud" sound will...
How to Find Joists Below a Hardwood Floor | Hunker
Kneel down on the hardwood floor and gently tap the head of the hammer on it, paying special attention to the sound it makes. Move the hammer to the left or the...
How do I know where the joist is under my subfloor? [Archive]
Might be time to start dropping 2" long screws into the floor to "feel" where the joists are. If you miss a joist, the screw will spin before...
A less invasive fix for squeaky floors - Inman
When the sound indicates a joist, probe the area by pounding a 10d finishing nail through the carpet about an inch. The subfloor is usually 3/4...
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