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deck thinning is deck winning
Deck thinning advice sought - BoardGameGeek
I'll say right up front that I'm not a big fan of deck building games. But I do play them sometimes and I'd like to get better. One aspect I know I'm weak...
Fetchland Deck Thinning - FALSE! — Forum - TappedOut
You'll see this in many Mono colored decks like Sligh, Red Deck Wins, Mono Green Beats/12 Post, Merfolk, Mono Black Control, etc.
Measuring Decks: A Deck Thinning Discussion -
You have to know your deck's path to victory. For Thor it's Overkilling minions and swinging away for big chunks on the villain. How do I do...
Deck thinning - Magic General - MTG Salvation
Fetch lands are fantastic for a lot of reasons, but deck thinning is not ... about gy size due to things like Lavamancer or Barb Ring) wins.
Frank Karsten on Twitter: "The math on deck thinning is simple
The math on deck thinning is simple; 1-2% per fetch. But assigning weights to the relative impact of thinning vs. life loss is v difficult.
Useful Deck-thinning cards - Yu-Gi-Oh! Wiki - Fandom
Deck thinning is the term for cards that are used to reduce the size of your deck to increase the chances of drawing whatever particular card you may need.
Made this to help illustrate the fallacy of deck thinning. Can I
There is no fallacy, fetch lands thin your deck of lands that are fetch targets, that's just a fact. The question is whether or not the increase in the...
monsters deck - GWENT: The Witcher Card Game
Don't play it. The general gameplan is to use powerful draws (Matta, Weavess, Naglfar) and thinning (Penitent, Wild Hunt Rider, Foglet) to...
The math behind deck thinning is... - Channel Fireball
The math behind deck thinning is marginal—but add it all up over a game and it just might be the difference between winning and losing....
Impact of Prismatic Vista on Mana Bases - Strategy
The Mathematical Value of Deck Thinning ... Fetching a land from your deck slightly decreases your chance of drawing another land in subsequent...
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