About Our School

Mission Statement


It's about more than education


We aim to provide a school which will enable us to:

Enhance the pupil’s quality of learning through effective and efficient delivery of curriculum.

Provide carefully differentiated learning experiences, both social and academic, appropriate to age, ability and needs.

Provide opportunities for every individual in the school community to develop their potential.

Openly acknowledge and celebrate success.

Empower pupils to be active participants in helping to create an interesting and stimulating environment, which they value and enjoy.

Become a resource base which is valued by other schools and the community.

Promote a positive self image free from prejudice and stereotypes.

Prepare pupils for return to mainstream if it is in their best interest.

Adopt a philosophy to change, which ensures growth and vision.




Together Everyone Achieves More




We will strive to make Wandle Valley School a place where staff, governors and parents/carers work together to support pupils in reaching their individual and unique potential. Offering a safe environment for our pupils to learn the strategies they will need to become life long learners and to be able to aspire to achieve in all areas of their life.




To create an environment that allows all our pupils to be individuals, whilst supporting them in a safe and nurturing environment.

Where pupils learn about more than just formal education. Where there is a strong emphasis on Emotional Literacy, Social Skills and preparation for life outside Wandle Valley SEMH School. We teach the whole child.

We believe our school will nurture all individuals in their journey to achieve their full and unique potential.  Where we acknowledge pupils strengths by offering a curriculum that will allow them to develop and succeed, and most importantly, where they realise their self worth and gain in confidence to access the outside world and become life long learners.

We are committed to developing a welcoming, safe and stimulating learning environment, where we ensure that pupils, parents/carers and staff all live by our school moto of ‘Together Everyone Achieves More’.


Leadership Team

  • Lynda Harris - Deputy Headteacher
  • Andrea Atkins - Assistant Headteacher, Secondary
  • Oscar Sanders - Assistant Headteacher, Primary
  • Rose Rhule - Head of Safeguarding & Inclusion


Wandle Valley School offers outreach to support schools with pupils in the area of Social, Emotional and Mental Health Needs (SEMH). Wandle Valley School offers a bespoke programme designed to engage a range of pupils within appropriate education. Schools can contact Wandle Valley School for further information and to enquire about the Outreach Service We provide.



  • Apprenticeship placements for Teaching Assistants
  • Teacher Training Placements from St Marys

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